The Prevailing Marriage Conference

Because Survival was Never God's Intent

The prevailing marriage conference is unlike any marriage conference you have ever attended. Not only will you receive solid instruction from God’s word, vulnerable testimonies (the good, the bad, and ugly), and wisdom gleaned from over 27 years of marriage; but we will also open up the raw side of marriage – those stories no one wants to talk about but that we all struggle with.

The prevailing marriage conference is not intended to present marriage as a squeaky clean, white bread, upper-middle-class, financially stable, paradise.  Instead, we want to talk about marriage as truthfully as we can; as the raw, difficult, exhilarating, heartbreaking, and joy-filled adventure that it is.

We want to present marriage in the trenches, where the battle rages and wars are fought. But more than that, it is our desire that each couple (us included) is equipped to prevail in battle, to disarm the enemy, and protect their homes. To that end, when we talk about our own marriage you won’t just hear specifically selected, edited, well-rehearsed, stories of victory and success. You will hear stories about areas where we’re doing well, as well as areas where we still desperately need help. Hopefully some of you are strong in the areas where we are weak, because all of us are in this battle together.

It is our deepest desire that you leave the weekend with the tools necessary to develop the bionically based, Holy Spirit empowered, prevailing marriage that God intended.

The Prevailing Marriage Book Cover webSo please join us for a weekend that can change your life and rock your world. This conference will be quite interactive. It will include times of instruction, Q&A with us, table discussions and more intimate couple discussions. The Prevailing Marriage Conference is a 6 to 8 hour conference that usually follows a Friday/Saturday schedule that may include any combination of the following topics (topics will vary depending on the time allotted for the conference):

  • The Grace Filled Marriage
  • How to be the Husband Your Wife Needs
  • A Wife’s Greatest Solution to Her Husband’s Biggest Need
  • The Heart of a Woman
  • The Heart of a Man
  • Killer Communication
  • The Best Sex of Your Life
  • A Marriage Worth Fighting For

It’s time for the church to rise up and show the world what a prevailing marriage looks like. It is a life changing weekend. You don’t want to miss it.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Steve & Karen Lawson


You can register for the next conference at Grace Community Church here.