International Pastor’s Conferences

IMG_4403It is my great honor to have the privilege to travel around the world speaking at Global Advance pastor’s conferences. Each year Global Advance hosts and sponsors pastor’s conferences, roundtables and other training initiatives for indigenous pastors around the world. Over 90% of pastors in developing nations will never have the chance to attend seminary or formal Bible training. Many are in desperate need of encouragement. Global Advance training events are catalysts for church planting, discipleship and indigenous transformational efforts. Global Advance provides national pastors and church leaders with a vision in their hearts and tools in their hands for the advance of the Gospel worldwide.

Global Advance has trained hundreds of thousands of pastors and church leaders since 1990. Global initiatives include specific programs impacting the Middle East, North India, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, East and West Africa, and Latin America. [1]  IMG_5056 Explosion Estive

Every time I return from one of these conferences, I thank God for the extreme privilege of speaking into these pastor’s lives. Most of the pastors that we train have little to

no access to formal theological education. Many of them have little education at all. Consequently, they are very hungry to
IMG_6186 Intense writerslearn and so thankful that we would go to the trouble and expense to come minister to them.

As I think about each of the ministry endeavors that I am involved in, this is perhaps the most important. I can’t think of anything else that I can do right now that would have a greater kingdom impact that training pastors. Because every pastor represents a church full of people, and every church represents the light of the gospel in villages and towns and cities all over the world. By strengthening a pastor, we strengthen the church, which in turn influences a town, which influences a state, province IMG_6115 Best Budsor territory, which hopefully will eventually begin to change countries. And hopefully that church will plant other churches in other towns, and send out missionaries of their own to reach even more.

At this point I am able to speak at or lead 4 to 6 conferences each year. This is definitely one of the most life-giving things that I do. It is my hope that if my schedule and finances allow it I can add even more. I am so appreciative of those that pray for me, travel with me, and help support me financially so that I can continue to be involved in such an important ministry. If you want to know where I’m going next just check out the sidebar titled Upcoming Speaking Engagements; and if you want to get more involved, just shoot me an email, or check out the information below.




Want to help with the next conference?


IMG_7253 HaleyIf you do nothing else, please help by praying for these pastor’s conferences. You can pray specifically for me and the other speakers; pray for our safety and health, pray for travel logistics, pray for team dynamics, and more than anything else, pray that we receive a word from God specifically for those who will be in attendance. Please pray that we will be both an encouragement and challenge to them.IMG_6967 Steve

Also please be in prayer for those that will be attending the conferences. Many of these pastors travel long distances through difficult and dangerous environments just to receive what God has for them these conferences. Please pray that their hearts will be prepared for what God has for them. Pray that they will be inspired and motivated to put into action the convictions God lays in their hearts. Pray that they will receive new vision and passion
for ministry. And please pray for their families. Pray for their health and safety, and they will be supportive of the ministries each of these pastors are called to.

For a more detailed prayer guide for you can specifically and intentionally intercede for our conferences please click here.



IMG_6280 CleansingAll of the pastor’s conferences that I participate in are completely at my expense. If you would like to help support me financially on these trips, you can do so on the Grace Community Church donor page (All donations are tax deductible through Grace Community Church). Simply enter the amount you would like to give and choose “International Pastor’s Training” from the drop down menu. After each trip, I present an expense report to our elder board for approval before receiving any level of reimbursement. In this way, I remain accountableMy Inspiration - Peru 2014 to our elders for all of my travel expenses.

Your prayers and financial gifts are deeply appreciated by myself as well as the thousands of pastors I am able to invest in each year. Thank you so much for your support.

[1] From their website,