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Thanks for checking out my books page. I love to share my knowledge and experiences through writing. On this page you will find information about my books, reviews, excerpts, and information on how to purchase my books. Continue reading below for more!

Giant Killers

my books - giant killersWhat enables success when so many of us fail? How do we break through our glass ceilings and prevail during di­fficult times? What characteristics must we develop to meet our most difficult challenges and realize our greatest dreams?

Giant Killers examines five key character qualities displayed by King David that allowed him to kill Goliath but also become the greatest warrior in Israel, build an army of mighty warriors out of social rejects, and establish the greatest kingdom in the history of Israel. These characteristics, when combined with the power of God’s grace, will empower you to overcome any obstacle and seize with confidence the opportunities God places in your path. Learn More…


Marriage Is Worth Fighting For

my books - marriage worth fighting for cover

What would happen in our marriages if, instead of treating our relationships so casually, we learned to hold fast to one another? What if, instead of treating marriage as a disposable commodity, we chose to fight for our marriages? It’s time to change our culture. It’s time to model a God-honoring marriage to the next generation. It’s time to so value your relationship with your spouse that you refuse to let anything come between you. Marriage is Worth Fighting For will give you the tools you need to begin to build the marriage you’ve always dreamed of. But it won’t always be easy, and many times it will be excruciatingly difficult. But it’s worth every struggle, every sacrifice and every battle. So what do you say? Let’s pick a fight! Learn More…

The Prevailing Marriage

The Prevailing Marriage Front CoverMarriage is not meant to be survived. Marriage is not meant to be good. Your marriage is not meant to be better than someone else’s, and it’s not meant to be endured. Marriage is meant to prevail.

It is God’s intent for your marriage to get better and better and better, every year of your lives together. It is and always has been God’s intent for you to be able to look at your spouse today and feel such intense and passionate love for him or her that you would do it all over again in a heartbeat, no matter the cost.

That’s what God wants. That’s the kind of heart God is looking for. That’s the kind of marriage God wants to bless. That’s the kind of marriage that God wants to infuse with his power—not a perfect one, just one that is submitted to him. That’s the kind of marriage that will prevail. Learn More…