Giant Killers

What enables success when so many of us fail? How do we break through our glass ceilings and prevail during di­fficult times? What characteristics must we develop to meet our most difficult challenges and realize our greatest dreams?

Giant Killers examines five key character qualities displayed by King David that allowed him to not only kill Goliath, but become the greatest warrior in Israel, build an army of mighty warriors out of social rejects, and establish the greatest kingdom in the history of Israel. These same characteristics, when combined with the power of God’s grace, will not only empower you to overcome any obstacle but also seize with confidence the opportunities God places in your path.


Giant Killers would help you to:

  • gain a greater awareness of and appreciation for how you are uniquely wired
  • recognize, control and manage your emotions instead of them controlling you
  • overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty
  • leverage your strengths and manage around your weaknesses
  • become so consumed and empowered by God’s grace that you can’t help but give it away
  • find hope in the midst of crisis
  • take action rather than be immobilized by fear
  • engaging greater levels of self-discipline
  • overcome insecurity with confidence
  • overcome indecisiveness with action
  • become an agent of God’s transformation in the people around you

All of us come face to face with our own giants at different times in our lives.   Giant Killers will help you confront those giants and demonstrate how character sets the stage for success when you do. Whether you are dealing with a crisis or taking on new opportunities, these character qualities will help you face them with confidence.

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Giant Killers Excerpts

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